Take the Lead in Client Experience

Grow your Medspa with an all-in-one, CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation platform that’s actually easy to use.

Simplify lead generation and build loyalty with a powerful set of AI-driven features that make your Practice stand out in the crowd.

Create Patient Loyalty From Lead to Lifetime

Attract new leads, nurture potential and existing clients, and create more high value conversions with one, powerful platform, LeadAR. Drive leads to your Aesthetic Practice through social integrations with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & TikTok or through easy-to-deploy sales funnels, emails or SMS campaigns. 

Nurture your incoming leads with custom communications and automations built for your sales pipelines or engage in real time conversations via your embedded chat widget. . Now, it’s easier than ever to grow and manage your patient list from lead to lifetime with LeadAR.

Lead Engagement.

Standing out in a crowded industry can be a challenge, but with LeadAR, you have access to a best-in-class marketing toolbox that can propel your Practice to the front of the line. Generate more leads when you boost your presence on the web and on social with tools to optimize  and streamline your brand across multiple social platforms. Turn routine forms into engaging funnels and landing pages that surprise and delight your future patients. With AI-enhanced content creation,  you can access done-for-you marketing resources based on your exact needs

Lead Conversations.

Lead conversations from multiple sources in one streamlined thread with LeadAR. Consistent, timely interactions build a solid client relationship that creates brand loyalty. We’re here to help you build connections across channels in our unified platform, saving time and money. Integrate your social media platforms for direct messaging, manage emails & SMS messages and campaigns, and leverage built-in phone systems that’ll keep your patients up-to-date and informed!

Lead Web Presence.

Establishing a solid web presence is more important than ever! With LeadAR, you have the tools to improve your SEO, boost your Google rank, and leapfrog the competition. Patients may find you on social media, but they will visit your website to learn more about your Practice, team and services. It’s easy to manage your online listings, request & repost reviews, and create engagement with interactive funnels from a single platform. 

Lead Nurturing.

Nurturing patient relationships is beneficial to the success of your Practice and the key to moving your clients from like to love. Practices with an integrated CRM & EMR, well-developed communication systems, sales and marketing automations and consistent web and social media management will not only build relationships but will stand out as the destination of choice for new and existing Patients.

Lead Online Reviews.

Drive and manage reviews and take control of your online reputation. With our easy to use, all-in-one platform, you can trigger a SMS or email request for a Google Review the minute your appointment is complete! With AR Sync Powered by Aesthetic YEXT, it’s easy to manage your brand image across various platforms and still have the time to concentrate on what’s important, your Patients. 

Lead Conversions

Transition potential leads to repeat Patients through multiple, integrated touch points. Leads come in all shapes and sizes: email signups, contact forms, custom landing pages, and more! Track opportunities and closed/won rates with sales pipelines, and measure returns with the Aesthetic Record Point-of-Sales integration. Measure ad engagement and kick-off marketing automations to keep the conversion coming 24/7.s

Why LeadAR

CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation Platform

Nurture your incoming leads with our customizable pipelines, social media campaigns, email templates, and app integration.

Social Media Management

Streamline your content across multiple channels through content creation, scheduling posts and analyzing results.

Virtual Course Manager

Create your own dynamic training institute with a learning platform that's easy to use and even easier to monetize your expertise!

Email & SMS Communications

Nurture your incoming leads with our email & SMS campaigns. Choose from a pre-loaded template library & leverage AI-driven content tools to do more with less.

Aesthetic Record Integration

Combine the power of LeadAR with our all-in-one EMR and Practice Management software, Aesthetic Record, to create a true end-to-end system that's all in one place and at a combined price point that fits any budget.

AI-Driven Features & Workflows

Put LeadAR to work in your Practice 24/7 with "set it & forget it" workflows that ensure Patients get timely, relevant messages at exactly the right stage in the buying journey.

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