Lead Web Presence.

A strong online presence is essential for attracting and retaining patients. It can help you reach a wider audience, establish trust and credibility, and showcase your products and services. With your LeadAR toolkit, you can stay competitive in today’s digital marketplace. Overall, having a good online presence is a key factor in building and maintaining relationships, attracting customers and opportunities, and staying relevant in today’s digital world.

Manage Your Brand with YEXT.

A great search experience is key to a great brand experience, both on and off your website. With Yext’s AI-powered marketing solutions, you can answer questions from customers and increase digital channel business conversion. They provide a myriad of tools for posting, web pages, surveys, and search.

Build Your Website or Integrate WordPress.

Within our CRM platform, you can use our native website builder or create a fully integrated WordPress site. Have an existing WordPress site? Easily migrate it to LeadAR so you can manage your real-time web interaction in the same platform as your CRM and marketing automations for a 360-degree approach.

Generate Leads with Sales Funnels.

Bring Patients into your practice through forms, newsletter sign ups, and various calls to action. Once in your CRM, you can continue to retarget those leads through automated and one-on-one communication touch points. Pipelines help you manage the progress from lead to booked patient and make it easy for staff to see each stage of the relationship.

Boost Your Rank with Blogs.

Blogging helps you establish expertise, trust and authority, the key ingredients for boosting your SEO scores. The right blog can increase traffic to your website, help promote your services within your practice, and maximize your ability to grow customer loyalty. The native blogging tools in LeadAR make it easy to keep your content fresh and engaging.

Make Your Presence Known.